Midweek Bible Studies
in Home Groups

Picture of a Bible

Bible Studies happen in our Home Groups which meet midweek on a Wednesday night or Thursday night.
Wednesday night has 2 groups, one at Northmead and one at Carlingford.
Thursday night has 1 group, meeting in North Rocks.
They are made up of 5-10 people, meeting in each other's homes.

Being involved in a Home Group gives you a chance to discuss what the Bible says about God, about us and how to live God's way in this world. We share our struggles and pray for each other.

A Thursday morning ladies group is held at our sister church Wentworthville Presbyterian church and offers childminding.

To find out more or to join a group, talk to Ben Ho.

Bible Study Notes

You can download the Bible Study notes here:

10am Community Church Service

6pm Family Service

Sunday School for kids

Bible Studies Group meet during the week